Essay on technology
Essay on technology

Essay on Technology has made the sector closer and more integrated. With increasing globalization, all benefits are now in the reach of human beings. Today, the middle-class family can manage to pay for mobile bills, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, computer systems, the Internet, etc. Everything is possible with a single click, thanks to technology. Read more to know about technology, types of technology, its role in various sectors, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

What is technology?

The word “technology” and its effects have emerged in our lives over the years. We are living in a world driven by technology. The advancement of technology has played a crucial function in the development of human civilization, with cultural changes. Technology gives revolutionary approaches to doing work by smart and innovative approaches.

Electronic home equipment, devices, faster modes of conversation, and transport have been introduced to the innovative things in our lives. It has helped in improving the productiveness of people and more ordinary enterprise businesses. Technology has brought a revolution in lots of working fields. It has made an important contribution to the progress that mankind has made over the years.

Types of technology

There are the various types of technology given below

  • Information and communication technology (ICT): This includes technology used to system, store, and transmit records, including computers, smartphones, and the net. ICT is important to many elements of current life, from communication to business and education.
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology entails using living organisms or biological systems to create new products, procedures, and technology. It consists of fields along with genetic engineering, biomedicine, and agricultural biotechnology.
  • Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology includes manipulating substances on a tiny scale, frequently at the level of individual atoms or molecules. It can revolutionize medicinal drugs, electronics, and materials science.
  • Energy technology: This consists of technology used to generate, buy, and distribute power, including renewable energy assets, fossil fuels, and nuclear electricity. Energy technology is crucial to meeting the arena’s growing needs at the same time as lowering greenhouse gasoline emissions.
  • Manufacturing technology: This consists of technologies used to layout, create, and produce goods, such as automation and robotics, 3-D printing, and superior materials. 

How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

Various innovations and developments have passed off in the area of technology, which has made an enormous impact on our lives in exclusive methods. With the discovery of technology, we become more effective. We have the ability to transform our surroundings, increase our lifetime, create massive and interconnected societies and even discover various new things about the universe. Today, we use technology from morning to night, from the most effective nail cutter to TV and personal computers. Technology has touched all elements of our lives, whether it is mobile phones, kettles, kitchen microwaves, electric cookers, television, water heater, fridge, and other larger communication systems which includes internet centers, railways, etc. Thus, technology performs an exceptionally crucial role in the lives of people.

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Technology in communication

Technology has contributed essentially in improving people’s lives. It advanced communication, by incorporating mobile phones into our life. The first technological invention to have an impact on communication was the invention of the phone through Graham Bell in 1875.

Since then, different innovations consisting of the Internet and the cell phone, have made communication faster and less complicated. For example, the Internet has improved ways by which humans share views, reviews, and thoughts through online discussions. Unlike in the past when people who had been in one of a kind geographical regions could not effortlessly communicate, technology has eliminated that conversation barrier. People in one-of-a-kind geographical areas can send and receive messages in seconds.

Technology in the Office or Workplace

Technology has increased efficiency and versatility in the workspace. Technology has made it easy to work remotely, which has multiplied the productiveness of the employees. External and internal communication has become quicker by emails and apps. Automation has saved time, and there may be additionally a reduction in redundancy in tasks. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology are innovations which are being deployed across industries to reap benefits.

Technology in education

Technology is being leveraged to examine, upgrade, and update new capabilities. It is bringing beneficial transformation in education sectors through the launch, which includes e-libraries, e-school rooms, and e-gaining knowledge of platforms. It is making education customized, inclusive, and accessible.

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Technology in Banking

Technology and banking are not separate now. Technology has boosted digital transformation in how the banking enterprise works and has hugely stepped forward banking services for their customers throughout the world.

Technology has made banking operations fast and reduced errors to nearly nil, which had been quite usual with manual human activities. Banks are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase their performance and earnings.

Technology in Science & Medicine

Science, Engineering, and Medicine sectors have seen more ordinary growth, superior studies and development, and innovation due to technology adoption. It has made the medical and medical network live on the components of science that have been humanely not possible. It is fuelling progress and making life and experiments simpler. The medical zone has deeply benefitted from the technology adoption and is making extremely good strides in growing new, sensible, and quality medicinal drugs and enhancing the healthcare of humans.

Disadvantages of Technology

People have turned out to be dependent on diverse devices and machines, resulting in a lack of physical interest and tempting people to steer an increasing number of lives. Even though technology has improved the productiveness of individuals, establishments, and the country, it has not extended the efficiency of machines. Machines can not plan and suppose beyond the instructions which can be fed into their machine. Technology on my own isn’t sufficient for development and prosperity. Management is needed, and management is a human act. Technology is largely dependent on human intervention.

Computers and smartphones have brought about a boom in social isolation. Young youngsters are spending more time browsing the net, playing video games, and ignoring their real lives. Usage of technology is also resulting in job losses and distracting students from studies. Technology has been a cause for the manufacturing of weapons of destruction. Dependency on technology is increasing privacy concerns and cyber crimes, giving way to hackers.

Future of Technology

The future of technology seems to be exciting but also horrifying. Futuristic predictions in technology can come out with some exciting or frightening visions for the future of machines and technology. Technology will either improve or replace the products and activities which might be near and pricey to us.

The solution to our technological sector about what’s going to be the approaching technological innovation in the future isn’t surprising. In the future, technology will become targeted on maintaining more data and simple processing, however in the future, it is going to be based on robots, artificial intelligence, gadgets gaining knowledge of, and many others. Real estate technology will also evolve, incorporating advanced data analytics and AI to streamline property management and investment decisions.


Technology has performed a substantial position in shaping the sector we live in these days. While technology has delivered many benefits, it has also added many drawbacks. The future of technology is uncertain, but it is predicted that technology will play an enormous role in shaping the arena we live in. It is essential for society to be aware of the poor results of technology and to work in the direction of finding solutions to these issues. Additionally, governments and agencies have a responsibility to ensure that technology is on the market to all and that it’s used in an effective way.


By Sanjana