One of the things that is a must-do for anyone who is launching a product on the Amazon marketplace is keyword research. Spending quality time assessing important keywords that buyers use to search for products in your niche can go a long way in boosting your revenues. When done correctly, keyword research has the ability to place your items at the top of search results.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. As a matter of fact, the use of long, keyword-dense product listings can put buyers off. This is because generally, people prefer short sentences. But this is not how algorithms work. Even where titles are worded in a ridiculous manner, Amazon algorithms are able to find and rank them appropriately. Based on keywords that are used in the search.

Why Amazon Keyword Research is a Must

Keyword research should be the first thing any seller does immediately when they launch products on Amazon. Just try an Amazon sales calculator for your business. This is because Amazon uses algorithms to determine the relevance of keywords to product searches conducted by customers. As such, products that feature relevant keywords on titles and product descriptions rank highly on search results pages – which means that they are more visible to customers.

Amazon keyword ranking is a big deal because at least 73% of customers click on the products that feature at the top part of the search result page. This means that ranking has an impact on the sales revenue that sellers generate. This means that ranking has an impact on the sales revenue that sellers generate. In determining which products to rank highly on search results, Amazon algorithms consider:

  • How many customers add specific items to their shopping carts
  • Sales volumes registered previously for that particular product
  • Product viability which is calculated based on number of visits vs units purchased
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Relevance of the product to the search based on title, description and bullet points

What are Some of the Best Amazon Research and Keyword Tools

There are numerous Amazon keyword research tools that sellers can use to find high-ranking keywords. Such tools include:


MerchantWords features a database of 170 million keywords that it makes available to Amazon sellers who are keen on boosting their sales on the eCommerce site. Using this tool, sellers can create keyword phrases that are specific to the items they are selling on Amazon using the information availed by MerchantWords. Sellers who are just getting started to find MerchantWords an ideal keyword tool due to its simplicity and ease of use.


This Amazon keyword search tool comes with a keyword suggestion function that provides sellers with a professional service to enable them to enhance the performance of their items on the Amazon marketplace. As a keyword tool, Kparser is able to offer sellers better keyword research service because:

  • It uses advanced filters than other tools available in the market
  • It allows users to sort as well as group search results with a few clicks


This keyword tool enables sellers to find the most profitable keywords that can boost their product ranking on Amazon. To do this, this tool extracts the actual keywords that buyers use to search for products. Sellers who use this keyword tool are also able to find keywords that have little or no SEO competition. The tool has a keyword rank score that enables sellers to view the leading keyword phrases based on how often they are searched.

Keyword Tool

This is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows users to seamlessly switch between AppStore, Google and Amazon tabs and find the most popular keywords that customers use to find their products fast. The tool comes with an autocomplete function that enables sellers to create up to 10 keyword suggestions in just one search. This keyword tool is pretty basic and ideal for new sellers. Sellers who want to access advanced features can go for the Keyword Tool Pro option. This tool lacks features that facilitate monitoring of top-ranking keywords.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Using this tool, Amazon sellers are able to identify keywords that drive traffic to their product pages on Amazon from organic searches. On the dashboard, the tool provides sellers with different metrics that enable them to analyze competitor data. Sellers also get to know their product page position in the Search Engine Results Page – SERP for each keyword.

Bottom Line

The Amazon marketplace has become extremely competitive. As such, sellers need to find and make use of data-based insights to make business decisions. The keyword tools discussed above provide users with the help they need to find top-ranking keywords that they can use to optimize their product listings and boost sales. Each of these tools works differently in keyword research.

Find one that suits the features you are looking for and your budget. Most importantly, read customer reviews to learn about experiences that other sellers have had with each of these Amazon SEO tools. That way, you will get an idea of what to expect when you use the tools. And for boosting your YouTube presence, check out YouTubeStorm.

By zestful