What usually starts as a small lump can spell a lot of disaster in a woman’s life within no time. Breast cancer in women has become a nightmare to treat fully due to some treatment procedures being very invasive. Treating breast cancer not only hurts you financially, but also but physically and emotionally.

Mastectomy is a medical term used to describe the amputation of an affected breast (s), often leaving a cancer patient in a lot of pain. Healing the scars and adapting to the new lifestyle may be difficult for some women. Therefore, mastectomy breast forms are recommended after you have had your mastectomy surgery.

A mastectomy breast form is a prosthetic breast made to look and feel like a natural breast. This form hides the appearance of any surgery imperfections. From the woman cancer patients’ perspective, mastectomy breast form cautions them from undergoing both physical pain and body shaming.

This article will shed light on the types of mastectomy breast forms available, and hopefully make your purchasing decision easier.

Silicone Mastectomy Breast Forms

The most common of all the three types of mastectomy breast forms is the silicone mastectomy breast form. In the past, recovering patients used to refrain from using silicone breast forms due to their stiffness. Due to weight imbalance, silicone forms gave a very uncomfortable wearing experience. At some point, some patients complained of feeling pain on the scars after wearing the traditional silicone breast forms.

Advancements in technology have seen the development of new and better silicon-based breast forms, and have since dominated the markets as the most reliable breast forms for lumpectomy and mastectomy recovering patients.

Silicone gel is mainly applied as it is easily manipulated into the desired breast shape using thin membrane pockets. The silicone breast forms are available online on most online  breast forms shop Florida, and are worn under a mastectomy bra with pocket cups which hold the breast form in place. 

Silicone breast forms are recommended for recovering patients who might require regular draining until the scar is completely healed. Once the scars heal, you can wear adhesive silicone forms which look more like the natural breasts. 

Generally, the adhesive breast forms have adhesive pads on the back that stick to your body, giving an impression of a real breast. Your therapist will match the colour of your skin and the weight of the other breast to ensure a perfect match for the silicone breast form. However, if you have had both breasts removed, customized mastectomy breast forms are perfect for you.

Customized Mastectomy Breast Forms

Losing both breasts does not have to be a complete nightmare. On a lighter note, it is an opportunity to dictate the exact kind of breasts you want. Whether it is a heavily loaded or more compact pair of breasts, the customized breast forms are the ideal solution for your problem.

Lumpectomy and mastectomy surgeries often leave little to no breast tissue on the chest. Therefore, you can have your therapist design a pair of breasts that suit your liking. Your breast form fitter will scan the chest area, collecting crucial data such as the skin tone, the amount of tissue left on the chest, and the size of the other breast. 

Afterwards, you will select the design of the breast you want to have and it will be made specifically for you. Customized breast forms made of silicone gel offer excellent results (especially when worn under a bra) because they depict a breast shape and cleavage similar to natural breasts.

Non-silicone Breast Forms

Often referred to as leisure breast forms, non-silicone breast forms are made from fabric and other padding material. These forms are very important for providing comfort and drain immediately after surgery.

Leisure breast forms are designed to accommodate your daily activities, and a swim form is made for swimming activities. The advantage of a non-silicone breast form is that you can wash and reuse it multiple times, giving you service and promoting high levels of hygiene.


Mastectomy breast forms are available in various categories in the market. The type of breast form that best suits your needs is determined by the healing stage of your scars, your budget, and the activities you are carrying out. Getting yourself the right mastectomy breast form will help you feel complete and restore your femininity.

By zestful