The profitability of a small-scale printing unit depends, to a large extent, on the cost-cutting measures that it can undertake. Moreover, if a small-scale industry offers good quality products to its customers, it can outdo larger players who are fuelled by marketing. A new-age DTF or direct to film printer is not not cost-effective in the long run but also improves the quality of print and improves customer satisfaction. 

Making Money Using DTF Printers

If you are new to the printing business and want to learn more about modern printers and the advantages they offer, especially for small-scale units, then continue to read this blog post.

Cost Effectiveness

As it has already been discussed, small-scale units pay attention to cost-cutting measures. When a new DTF printer is to be established, money is required to buy a new machine and adapt to the new setup. However, once the setup is up and running, the overall cost of printing will go down. 

The DTF printer uses very little compared to traditional printers. Since white ink is the most expensive type of ink, a DTF printer saves a lot of money. Moreover, with DTF printers, one can print on a variety of surfaces, so the printer needs to switch to any other machine if the printing surface differs. So, DTF printers are an all-in-one solution, and one single machine serves a lot of purposes.

Sustainable Printing

Many printing units want sustainable printing so that they can endorse their store as an eco-friendly one. It is also easy to secure licenses from the authorities if the operations are eco-friendly. DTF printing requires little water when compared to traditional printers. Moreover, it produces very few toxic by-products and causes little air pollution.

Great Quality Final Products

The print quality of a DTF printer is very good. All the colors appear vibrant; moreover the design is first transferred to a film; it allows the design to be imprinted even on areas that are hard to reach. As a small-scale printing unit, the quality of the prints must be great so that the customer base increases.

Quick Printing

A new business wants to use a machine that has a quick turnaround time. They do not want to miss out on deadlines, and they also want to take bulk orders so that they can capture new markets. Hence, DTF printers are a boon for new or small-scale businesses as they have a quick turnaround time. DTF printing does not have a preprocessing step so this in itself saves a lot of time for the printer.

Final Words

A DTF printer is an innovation in the field of printing. It can work well on a variety of surfaces, including the most commonly worn textiles, such as cotton and leather. The printing process has a quick turnaround time, and setting up the printing unit is quite simple. Hence, small printing businesses prefer to go for DTF printing so that they can save money and make good profits in the long run.

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