Invisible Technology • Nguyen Si Kha • Someone Like You • 2022

Hours of Dedication Behind: “Invisible Technology • Nguyen si kha • someone like you • 2022”

The blending of electronic and traditional elements produced an intriguing sound that perfectly resonated with the theme of “Invisible Technology“. As there is always scope for improvement, the musician spent countless hours tweaking different elements of the song, from chord progressions to adjusting tempos. It gave him the tone to establish a perfect equilibrium between technology and artistic qualities. Eventually, the song has a smooth flow from beginning to end. The contribution of the talented and elite musicians also assisted the composer in creating something magical and worth watching. It added more depth and meaning to the song.

The Creative Process of Composing the Song: “Invisible Technology”

The creative process of composing the song underscores the penetrative understanding of the composer from the perspectives and experiences he has had with technology. Fascinating ideas and concepts also came to his attention, which added more value and significance to this song.

Before finalizing the lyrics, he dives into the deepest research about technological advancements and their societal impact. Also, he drew a sense of sentiments between machines and humans through his melodic sequences and detailed pattern of notes. Contemporary music production software was also used to compose the song. Various electronic sounds were created by pairing them with other compatible instruments, such as the piano and guitar.

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Where can Listen: Invisible Technology Nguyen Si Kha • Someone Like You • 2022

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Europe Tour Emerges – An Inspiration Behind the Creation of Invisible Technology

Inspiration Behind the Creation of Invisible Technology

The song “Invisible Technology” has gained immense popularity among Vietnamese audiences —as it conveys the essence of invisible technology, which plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. The song has been composed using various cultural and foreign musical styles. It also incorporates electronic and jazz fusion, that provides the listeners with a thrilling experience. Behind the creation of this melody, there exists an ingenious figure, who has years of experience in the Vietnamese music industry. Nguyen Si Kha is the name of this legend, who has excellent command over different musical styles. 

When it comes to writing a wonderful piece of music, a place should set the perfect tone to put imagination into action. According to sources, “Invisible Technology” was composed in Europe and has been a revelation in Europe along with his band. Having been inspired by a new place and culture, the Vietnamese musician composed this song, putting all his mastery and expertise into it. 

Moreover, it took many hours in the process of composing “Invisible Technology” as the composer fulfilled his desire– to use diverse sounds and melodies to stir fans’ emotions and feelings. Upon hearing the song, it can’t be denied that the composer has shown his meticulous nature. From the right selection of instruments to unique production techniques, he paid attention to every detail.

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Overcoming Moments of Disappointment & Uncertainty: “Invisible Technology”

Overcoming Moments of Disappointment

Indeed, there were moments of self-questioning while writing this song. However, Nguyen Si Kha —and his creative team remained resolved and determined to produce their magical creation. 

Despite being full of uncertainty and uninspired,. However, through perseverance and an unwavering dedication to his vision of “Invisible Technology,”  he was able to overcome these challenges and bring his masterpiece to fruition.

Inspiration, experimentation, teamwork, and dedication were the key factors in developing “Invisible Technology”. It meant methodically constructing each piece of the song until it effectively conveyed the composer’s message with an emotional response in the listener. The project successfully combined technology and traditional art forms, resulting in a wonderful piece.

About Composer: Nguyen Si Kha & his Inspiration

In the technological era, the globe is progressing like never before. Gone are the days when a bird called “technology” didn’t exist and nobody was aware of its future potential and biggest roleplay for day-to-day life. Even though the world is aware of the significance of technology, the one who understands its true essence is one of the leading Vietnamese music composers who dedicated his artistic expertise to do justice to this ever-evolving technology. 

Back in 2022, he released an album called “Someone Like You,” and under this album, he has given various thought-provoking songs. The song he wrote is “Invisible Technology”.

Wrapping up

If you are tech-savvy, this song, “Invisible Technology,” might be for you, as it evokes a sense of emotion between technology and humans. Using different musical styles and techniques, the composer succeeded in touching the emotions of the audience.

By Sanjana