Students used to start working late in the past due to numerous reasons may be a lack of opportunities, or they were less concerned about their careers. Nowadays, whether they know what suits them or not want to start their career at an early stage. Age is not a barrier if you want to work. We have seen many teenage getting fame and name. You might have also seen some? Maybe you got the inspiration from them and want to be part of them. So do not wait! Just begin your journey now. Look up some jobs for 13-year-olds. And select the best suitable option for you.

Deciding a career at any age can be burdensome. So being just 13, it is quite hard to initiate. There are multiple options and ideas in your mind. But your research may result in a  deluge of alternatives with countless prospects. We are here to help you in finding the correct choice that goes well with your interest and passion. Also, it gives you handsome money. But today they want to start their career at an early stage.

Logo Designer

Get out the creativity from yourself, and become a logo designer. The job will assist you in making a dream career initiating at just 13. There are innumerable YouTube channels from which you can grab knowledge and numerous other platforms that provide you with free tools to create logos for companies.

To become a successful logo designer your dedication is obligatory. Your endless learning can boost your work to new heights. You can start your logo designing with multiple free and paid logo maker tools.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about the fields that require a logo designer, then this is not at all a matter of concern guys. We need a logo wherever it is a publishing house, an advertising company, a clothing brand, or a jewellery store.

#2 T-Shirt Designer

One of the most important professions that do not require age criteria. Your imagination and creativity are mandatory to create a t-shirt design that is appealing to clients. Your artistic visualization and uniqueness are a must for a captivating t-shirt design. Once your design has been approved by the public, countless companies will contact you about your work. An excellent prospect.

The next thing that you must be thinking about is the types of equipment that you need to work as a t-shirt designer? There is not much investment to start this dream job. All you need is a printer, screen printing ink, a laptop, and a graphics program. That’s all!  That’s it! You must be having all these I guess at your place, so show up your skills to the world. 

You can watch several YouTube videos to gain knowledge as a beginner. Additionally, if you have created an astonishing design then renowned fashion designers can contact you, and for all these, you need to start enhancing your skills daily. 


Are you passionate about baking? Spend most of the time in the kitchen making cakes, and cookies? Is your age 13? If the answer is yes, then this is for you. An opportunity to become a successful baker. You can earn good money by selling your tasty cupcakes, and cookies. It requires a lot of hardwork and patience, so these two are inescapable elements to becoming renowned bakers.

You do not require much space to begin your work. Just a small kitchen, oven, and ingredients for baking. You can make a page on numerous social sites to fetch customers at a reasonable price. Yes, do not compromise with quality and taste. If your client gets a lip-smacking casserole dish then, they will come back again. 

Moving Further, a good baker is required at every bakery, so it will be your choice to start your own business or to work at some great place. There is great respect and handsome money that you get back for all your hard work. 

#4 Model

Source: Teen Vogue

Modelling is a great choice if you are comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Your age does not matter. It is a great job for a 13-year-old. You should meet certain requirements to become a model that is a good physique, charming look, confident body, and smile. This platform gives you fame as well as funds, so this option has a bright future. 

To become a model in the first place, you need to have your portfolio, so you can show it to the employer. A portfolio assists the employer to know about you and your chances of selection escalate if the portfolio is excellent. After that, you need to post a lot of pictures on various social media pages and have to find which company needs a 13-year-old teen for their work.

You might not get the immediate platform. You may have to start with short videos, furniture, TV ads, or photoshoots of clothes on various online websites. There are endless options. It is hard to enter this industry. But once you get your first assignment then your chances of getting lots of projects on various platforms also increase. On the other hand, you can also earn a good amount of money from these projects. 


Being intense about reading unnameable books and also having good writing skills. And still, looking for jobs for 13-year-olds? Then you might have not acknowledged your skills. Make your interest your profession and start writing a story that interests you. If you are interested then only you will be able to write well. 

To add on, you do not require any investment or money to initiate your career as an author, good content, pen, and paper. Just three things and you can start. Spend a lot of time on the outline of the project and make the story interesting. Work on your characters and think about what you would have liked if you were an audience. Do not forget the editing part. 

It is a time-consuming task, and you may find it difficult to write your first book but the more your book gets audience engagement, the better are the chances of a sale. Once your first book gets clicked then see the response of your audience, and decide what you are going to write next.

#6 YouTuber

Source: Hannah Meloche

Do not be the one who spends hours watching stories and videos of YouTubers but think of it as a profession. This is one of the best jobs for a 13-year-old. You just need to be self-assured. To begin you have to think about the niche or the content that you are interested in and can work on it. There are several options that you can do videos relating to travel, video games, food items, make-up videos, trying new places, and much more. 

Other than that, you don’t need a lot of gear to start your journey as a young YouTuber.Just a good camera or you can with smartphones. There are many editing apps that can help you like LumaFusion, Magisto, QUIK, and Adobe Premiere Rush. So just edit and post your video. 

As a career being a YouTuber is a great scope. If you have the calibre to engage an audience and influence them to subscribe to your channel then after a certain subscriber, YouTube gives you payment. Not only this but you also get paid partnerships from various companies. So overall it is a good choice


Having knowledge about musical instruments, taking part in school shows, and winning medals. You might be are unaware of your hidden skills. Analyze yourself, and work on your music experience. Take your music to the next level and make a band to go for roadshows and see how people respond after listening to you. Get their feedback to work on your boundaries.

Moreover, you only need the music apparatus. That one instrument and your band both can create a boom in your career. There are many places from where you can learn if you think your music needs improvement, Offline and online both ways. YouTube can also help you hone your skills.

If you get a chance, and you perform well, then being a musician has a scope. You may get offers for many parties, shows, concerts and a lot more. If you are lucky enough then you may be a part of a television show or a film.

#8 Content Writer

Your writing skills can give a great platform where you can earn good money. Do you know what exactly a content writer is? In content writing you choose a particular niche and write an article, the word count may vary according to the topic. You have to provide unique content that has zero plagiarism in it. Certain keywords are added to the article so that your article gets a good ranking.

Besides this, you do need many things to begin as a content writer. A laptop is enough for you. There are many videos on YouTube that can assist you in learning a lot about content writing, SEO, ranking, Backlinks, and all the relevant information. Find the employer and show them your samples and published content to give them a glance at your working skills. 

Your earnings totally depend on your work. If you are providing good content and your client is satisfied by your work then you have a great scope as a teenage content writer. This is a perfect job for a 13-year-old who has a great future. So go ahead and start your journey as a content writer.

Fashion Blogger

Being one of them who always notices which trend is in and what attire gives the body the best look. Then go for it. Do not think about age, guys. Fashion can never go off. People will be buying clothes and fashion designers will make them for them. So, this is a good option to start work. This may take time but if your content is liked by the audience then it will become easier for you.

Along with this, you do not require special things. Just follow the trends and update people about trends and tips that will help them in following that trend. With the right content soon your followers will increase, and many opportunities will open for you.

Once your work is appreciated, you can earn a good amount of money and more brands can contact you for paid advertisements, and further many designers will approach you to write about their clothes and brands. Isn’t it an interesting career option for a teenager? 

#10 Survey Taker

Is survey taker a good option or not? Confused? Your confusion is right. Your motto earn good money can be solved from here, but before that let us talk about what is it? A survey talker is a person who does an actual survey and asks the questions that are given by the employer. 

The survey is done on real people, so you have to gather information and feedback from real people and give the answers to the employer. For your information companies pay you a certain amount that is fixed between both of you.

Survey taker is a good option if you have good communication skills and internet connection. You are ready to devote quality time with the customers by engaging them and taking all the information that is required. This option has a good scope as there are endless brands and every brand wants information about its product or services. So they will task the survey taker.

Amazon Seller

Having the marketing calibre at just 13, then what are you pondering? You can sell your stuff on Amazon and start your venture in your teenage years. On the other hand, you need a certain investment, to begin with, this job, only marketing skills will not give you great earnings. You have to first buy some products so that you can sell them there, but there is an option if you do not have that much money, start selling the stuff that you have bought but have not used yet. Shipping is also not too hard these days and, in a minimal amount you can ship products to your client.

This industry is growing a lot with the passage of time, so you are on the right track to begin as a teenager. As an Amazon seller, you can raise a lot as people nowadays prefer to buy all the stuff online from groceries to clothing to electronics. Each and everything is bought from Amazon. 

#12 Influencer On Social Media

Are you a teen who is active on various social media platforms? A platform where you spend your time just surfing, listening, and watching content. Make that platform your career, you have already learned a lot while seeing it.

The power of an influencer changes the life of many people. Having skills that you can use to influence others through your work, videos, and reel is an interesting job. No huge investment is needed. Only camera and editing apps. Yes, one more thing that is obligatory is Consistency. 

With that only, your followers will increase, and more followers mean better money. You can earn a good amount from various ad agencies that will hire you for promotion. They will pay you for posting a link also. Isn’t it a pleasing career medium?

Gift Packaging

Photo by Kostiantyn Li

With so many festivals, weddings, get together, or other occasions. A gift is required by all. Is it a good option or not? What do you think? Taking my point of view, this is great work to begin your work profile. You can make hand-made products if you are good at them. You can choose chocolate wrappers or a collection of various products and make a good basket.

A huge amount of money is not invested in this business but if you can fetch a good number of customers then you can earn a lot from the packaging business. The one thing that you need is creativity and uniqueness in your work. Your packing should be captivating so that customers do not go for price negotiations.

As a career, you can go ahead with it at any age, even if you’re just 13. Once you have a good number of customers, you can open your website or store. Gifts will always be in trend, ensuring continuous growth for your business. To boost your online presence and reach more customers on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, consider using SocialWick for followers, likes, viewers, and subscribers.

#14 Video Game Tester

Have no talent but can play video games day and night. So become a video game tester and get a job for a 13-year-old. Yes, this is also a job option that you can select for yourself and earn money. Your excellence in your hobby can give you a chance to get your first salary. 

So what do you think you have to do in this profile? A company will hire you and send you a game for the test. You have to play that game and give honest feedback and a detailed report to them about the game. If your feedback helps them improve the game, you will get your next task.

If we think of it as a long-term career, then you can go ahead. Being successful in fetching clients will give you ample money but consistency and honest opinion that helps them is vital to stay in this job. The effectiveness of your opinions in improving the game matters a lot and if the customer gives you a good ranking, other video game manufacturers will also contact you for their work.

Voiceover Specialist

What is a voiceover specialist? Have any ideas? I will explain it to you. You may have seen numerous TV shows or heard the audiobooks. So that’s your next mission. You have to become a voice behind a video or a book. This is as easy as talking on the phone with a friend. This is an easy option for a job for a 13-year-old.

Are there any funds needed to start this profession? No, you do not need any money, but you have to take special care of your voice and change things in your life. You can find a suitable job online for this profession. If your voice gets selected then you can move further with this career. You can apply for a book reading job, and you will have several options. Choose what is suitable for you. Amazon also pays you for narrating books. 

Bottom Line

Many people recommend that being thirteen is not an age to work and even the government does not allow you to opt for labour work. This is an age where you should focus on your schooling. But what happens after school and holidays, when there is plenty of time but there is nothing to do. Getting bored the whole day and wasting time is not a cup of tea for nowadays teenagers. 

So they start planning about the future early as they are career-conscious teens, not parents they should provide for their children and help them grow and find a suitable job for a 13-year-old. We have tried our best to bring some of the best recommendations for you. Select it, work hard with full dedication, and nobody can stop you to become the next billionaire.

By zestful