List Of 75 Old Fashioned Boy Names with Meanings
List Of 75 Old Fashioned Boy Names with Meanings

According to what is fast fashion and Latest Information about 75 Old Fashioned Boy Names with Meanings, Vintage boy names are timeless and famous across the world. Moreover, most old boy names have ancient significance and meanings and sound stylish. So, if you are seeking out a few cool traditional names for your boy, you’re in the right place. In this article, we suggest you 75 best old-fashioned boy names with their meaning.

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List of 75 old fashioned boy names with meanings

Here is a complete list of the 75 best vintage and classic boy names:

  1. Atlas

Adam is a Greek Name that means’ Heaven”.

  1. Abner

The Hebrew name Abner means “my father is a light.” Abner become a surprisingly popular name in the U.S. Until the 1930s

  1. Ahab

The Biblical Latin name Ahab means “uncle.” Outside of the Ahab in the Bible, the most famous Ahab might be the obsessive captain of the Pequod

  1. Albert

Albert is a French origin name. The boy’s name means a person who is noble and shiny.

  1. Alexander

We all know about the fantastic warrior Alexander. This robust Greek name means ‘defender of men’.

  1. Alistair

Alistair is a version of the name Alexander and means ‘person who protects mankind’.

  1. Alvin

Alvin means a noble friend or an old friend. It is an old fashioned name.

  1. Amos

Amos is a Hebrew name that means “burden” or “load.” Minor Old Testament prophet Amos spoke out towards corruption, greed, and the oppression of the terrible.

  1. Albert

Albert is a German origin name that means “noble and vibrant.” The name of Queen Victoria’s famous love-fit husband.

  1. Archibald

The English boy’s name, Archibald, means “bold and actual.”

  1. Arthur

Bearing its roots in Celtic, Arthur was soon the name of shining heads of knights. It means ‘bear’.

  1. Anderson

Anderson is a Greek word and it refers to guy or manly. 

  1. Barney

Barney is a famous English name meaning ‘as strong as a undergo’.

  1. Baylen

A precise vintage name that comes from old French, and it means auburn-haired.

  1. Baxter

A vintage English occupational name that means ‘baker’.

  1. Benedict

Benedict is a famous Christian name that bears its starting place in English and Dutch. The name means ‘blessed’.

  1. Bernard

Bernard is a Germanic name that means ‘as courageous as a bear’.

  1. Bradley

Bradley is also an English name that means ‘wide wood’ or ‘vast meadow’.

  1. Bertrand

The Ancient Germanic name Bertrand means “vibrant” or “wise.”

  1. Cadmus

Cadmus is a Latinized Greek name for unknown, which means.

  1. Caleb

The means of the English name Caleb is debated.

  1. Carl

Carl is a Germanic name that means “man, warrior.”

  1. Cedric

Cedric is an English name that would mean “love.”

  1. Clarence

Clarence commenced as an adjective for residents of a metropolis, which means Clare.

  1. Claude

Claude is French Name means ” Lame”

  1. Clement

The English name Clement means “gentle, merciful.”

  1. Cuthbert

Cuthbert is an Old English name that means “well-known and brilliant.”

  1. Cyrus

Cyrus is from a Greek name that means “younger” or “a means-sighted.”

  1. Dorian

Dorian is a name created for literature.

  1. Douglas

The Anglicized form of the Scottish name Dubhghlas, Douglas, means “dark river.”

  1. Edwin

The name Edwin means wealthy buddy. The name originated in England and is a famous name of Charles Dickens novels.

  1. Elliot

The name has Hebrew roots. The meaning of this name is ” The Lord of My God”.

  1. Evans

The name bears its origin from the Welsh vicinity. Evan means ‘son of Evan’.

  1. Edwards

The name harks back to Old English tradition. It means ‘wealthy parents’.

  1. Emmett

Emmett is an English name meaning “entire, common.”

  1. Ernest

A Germanic name, Ernest means “critical.”

  1. Felix

It is a Roman name and is famously followed in pop means of life characters. It means ‘fortunate’ or ‘a success’.

  1. Frankie

Frankie is the American version of the German name Frank and means ‘free guy’.

  1. Fletcher

Fletcher is a popular occupational name that originated within the Old French era, which means ‘dealer of arrows’.

  1. Gerald

Gerald is a German name that means ” rule of spear”.

  1. Gilbert

Gilbert is an Ancient Germanic name that means “bright pledge.”

  1. Giles

Giles is an English name that means “young goat.”

  1. Gregory

Gregory is from the Greek phrase gregoros, meaning “alert, watchful.”

  1. Hadrian

Hadrian is a Roman name that means “from Hadria.”

  1. Hamish

The Scottish name Hamish means “supplanter.”

  1. Harold

Harold is an English name that means “military chief.”

  1. Howard

Howard is a historic name that refers to a brave heart. It bears its roots in England.

  1. Herbert

Herbert is a German name meaning “vivid navy.”

  1. Herman

A Germanic name, Herman means “navy guy.”

  1. Hershel

Hershel is a Yiddish name. The meaning of Hershel Name is Deer.

  1. Harley

Harley is an English Name that means woodland. The legacy of this name is carried by means of a popular emblem ‘Harley Davidson’.

  1. Harry

Harry is a diminutive of the name Harry and means ‘home ruler’.

  1. Hector

The name Hector claims to have more than one origin from England, France, and Greece. It means ‘protecting rapid’ and is a connection with ‘anchor’.

  1. Henry

Henry is a famous English Name, that means ” Home ruler”.

  1. Ichabod

In Hebrew, Ichabod means “not glory.” Biblical and language students have debated the proper meaning of Ichabod.

  1. Ignatius

Ignatius is a Late Roman name of unknown meaning.

  1. Ivan

Ivan is a Slavic name which means “God is gracious.”

  1. Jackson

It’s an old English name that bears its recognition from Michael Jackson. Jackson meaning ‘son of Jack’

  1. James

James is the feminine version of the name Jacob and means ‘holder of the heel’.

  1. Julius

It’s a Roman circle of relatives named after the Greek starting place. Julius means ‘downy-bearded’.

  1. Jude

Jude is an English variant of Judas which means “praise.” In many English-language variations of the Christian New Testament, the second one

  1. Kiefer

The famous English name belongs to actor Kiefer Southerland. Kiefer means barrel maker.

  1. Lewis

Lewis is a Medieval English name meaning “famous war.”

  1. Magnus

The Late Latin name Magnus means “super.” The Nordic Magnus is a Latinized shape of the Old Norse name Magni, which means “power, may.”

  1. Malcolm

Malcolm is a Scottish name that means “disciple of Saint Columba.”

  1. Maurice

Maurice is a French name that means “darkish-skinned” or “Moorish.”

  1. Maxwell

The English name Maxwell means “Mack’s circulate.”

  1. Merril

Merrill is an English name that means “pleasant hill.”

  1. Mortimer

Mortimer is an English name that means “no water.”

  1. Myron

Myron is an Ancient Greek name that means “candy oil, fragrance.”

  1. Norbert

An Ancient Germanic name, Norbert, means “north vivid.” Norbert Rillieux is broadly seen as one of the world’s first chemical engineers.

  1. Norman

The Ancient Germanic name Norman means “North Man.” The “north guys” to whom this name refers had been Vikings who got here down from Scandinavia and settled in the region of France we know as Normandy.

  1. Orson

Orson is an English name meaning “bear.” This lovable old fashioned boy name is ripe for a comeback.

  1. Orville

Orville changed into a writer-created name that likely means “golden metropolis.” The name Orville didn’t exist till 18th-century author Fanny Burney evolved it.

  1. Oscar

Oscar is from an Old English name that means “God’s spear.”

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List of 75 Old Fashioned Boy Names with Meanings continue to stand the check of time, maintaining their popularity in today’s traits. Expectant parents regularly discover sentimental lists in choosing old man names that pay homage to loved grandfathers or cherished elderly households.


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