I mean c’mon, statement earrings can turn any ole outfit up a few notches. These stylish statement pieces will surely add some personality, sophistication, and even some pizzazz to your outfit, making it appropriate for any occasion and also, attention-grabbing. Statement earrings are the perfect way to elevate your style, whether you decide to dress up for the special occasion or just want to add a splash of color and shimmer to your everyday outfit. In the complete guide on how to pick and wear statement earrings, we got you covered on town to town with our ultimate style pouchures on choosing statement earrings and styling them.

Why Statement Earrings? 

It almost goes without saying that statement earrings act as not just pieces of jewelry, but as conversation starters, mood lifters and confidence boosters. Statement earrings unlike the dainty studs or simple hoops, that make much of a difference for your outfit. Statement earrings, whether they’re brightly colored, super sparkly, or just oversized, have the power to elevate even the most basic of outfits into a fashion-girl look and, if we’re being real, can make it look like you tried way harder than you really did. First, among the simplest and effective methods to enhance your style at this moment is with a statement pair of earrings from Evry Jewels. Whether it is a bold and loud or perhaps a subtle and sophisticated piece, you get to express just a tad of your personality and creativity, through your preference of design. 

The right pair of Jewels statement earrings can convert your ordinary appearance into a stunning one that makes a statement no matter where you are. Statement earrings can serve as a great advantage because such type of earrings has one of the most significant features, versatility. They accept a aggregate of accoutrements including accidental abrasion with jeans, and added academic atramentous gowns. From formal events to the office to even brunch with friends, statement earrings can upgrade any outfit with a splash of glam. Statement Earrings really can have an instant impact on an outfit. Rather than spending forever deciding what to wear, just pop on a pair of stand-out earrings like these and voila! your outfit is instantly elevated. Statement earrings are a solution for adding instant style and sophistication when you’re running late or need to dressed up a simple outfit in a hurry.

Picking the Perfect Statement Earrings

So, now that you have an idea of what statement earrings are all about, how do you pick the right pair of statement earrings to go with your outfit and your own personal style?

Facial Form: Select an suitable earring shape

Not all face shapes are going to fit every style of earring. Oval-shaped earrings are some of the best- they look great on basically everyone, and long, hanging earrings can help elongate a face that is round. Always consider your face shape when selecting statement earrings, making sure they complement your own features and silhouette.

Styling With Your Outfit

When choosing statement earrings, one should also think of the color, design, as well as the neckline of the outfit. Wear earrings that accent your outfit, not overpower it. Statement earrings are incredibly easy to style, choose a bold pattern or colour, then pair it with a bold pair of earrings in a neutral colour or even a metallic finish. Similarly, if your clothing is fairly muted, then consider wearing statement earrings in a vibrant colour or a bold design to inject colour and drama.

Produce it scale and balance Lollalance: Muse the big size plus proportions of the assertion earrings amongst the extent of your face and body. For those with petite frames or daintier features, choose a more subtle statement earring, so it doesn’t overpower your look. On the other hand, if you have a bigger size or striking appearance, go for larger statement earrings and bold in their design to make a statement, and on the other, not to say visually get the balance.


Less is More

Bold statement earrings can leave a big impression all on their own, so be sure to keep your other jewelry and accessories simple. This way you give importance to your earrings and allow them to shine in the room. And matching your large earrings with other clean, small pieces such as simple necklaces or dainty bracelets keeps your outfit from looking too complicated. Overloading on different competing statement pieces can also take away from your earrings — making your outfit look cluttered. Rather, allow your statement earrings to be the ensemble featuring your sense of style and personality. If you are wearing a big, colorful pair of chandelier earrings, you may not want to put them in combination with a chunky necklace or assorted bangles. Choose simple pieces that will not fight with your earrings. That way, your statement earrings can shine and your outfit really can do the talking.

Select a hairstyle

Getty Images With statement earrings, the hairstyle you choose to wear is also key. Wear it down, but tuck it behind your ears or pull all of your hair to one side so your earrings are on full display. If you are wearing updo or a pony tail, the earrings that stand out because of a combination of the hair and they are finally will add elegance to your clothes.


Every outfit can benefit from one pair of statement earrings (or ten) to create a dramatic and glamorous look. Earrings have the capability to enhance your look or be a statement that speaks for your personality. From classic elegance and boho chic to ultra-modern glamour, perfect statement earrings that fit the style you want and any occasion are out there. Just like you select your statement earrings wisely, how you style them determines whether they will make a statement or not. Choose earrings that complement your outfit and enhance your look. For example, if you wear a basic dress, bold statement earrings give you the perfect pop of color and drama. If your outfit is incredibly simple, giant statement earrings are the perfect way to add a little drama.

By zestful