5 Amazing Tips for the Perfect Beach Holiday 
5 Amazing Tips for the Perfect Beach Holiday 

According to What is fast Fashion, Daily makeup will be put to the test on Beach holidays by Sweat, Sea, and Stickiness. We have some good news for you!!! We are here to make sure your makeup will look as vibrant and flawless as it was when you first applied it from dawn till dusk like the majestic mountains stand out on sunny days. So let’s get started with our expert advice and highlight Swiss Magnificence products to keep your makeup as fresh as ever even after sweating all day. As we arrange our bag packs getting ready for a thrilled ocean-side escape, there’s one thing we will get in Swiss Magnificence: the challenge of keeping our cosmetics intact beneath the sizzling sun.

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5 Tips To Accomplish Perfect Summer Makeup On A Beach Holiday

During your much-anticipated beach holiday planning, don’t forget your make-up bag. Following is a list of FIVE TIPS to achieve the perfect beach holiday makeup:

1. A Strong Base Is A Must-Have

Mattifying Cosmetics Groundwork
Mattifying Cosmetics Groundwork

Swiss Excellence Mattifying Cosmetics Groundwork is your first step for beach holiday makeup. It not only smoothens away wrinkles and creases but also keeps your make-up intact by repelling moisture or sweat. This product is made up of oil-free watery gel which dries fast without leaving a greasy residue behind while ensuring the face has a natural matte finish as light as air. By doing this, you ensure that your face looks flawless from the first day to the end of the beach trip.

2. Stay Calm And Relax

2. Stay Calm And Relax
2. Stay Calm And Relax

Pamper your skin with a rejuvenating treatment by Swiss Beauty Tea Tree & Salicylic Acid Sheet Mask. This one is ideal for clearing your imperfections hence smoothing out your face to allow for easy make-up application. It uses the power of salicylic acid and tea tree oil to clear out blemishes on your face. It ensures an even-toned complexion is more luminous to be used in preparation for make-up application making it the perfect skin care product.

3. Conceal Makeup With Care

Conceal Makeup With Care

Not everyone indeed requires heavy cosmetics during beach days. In light of this fact, the Swiss Excellence Fluid Concealer is an option. The finish of this concealer is full-coverage with a matte texture but does not weigh much while covering up all imperfections. One such concealer which comes in 14 shades and is available around the year in our stores, mixes easily into your complexion thus enhancing one’s beauty naturally without being cakey when exposed to heat or even on hot days below the sun.



Our “Take Me Anywhere Face & Eye Palette” Confront & Eye Palette enables you to bring your entire makeup collection along when going to the beach without having to bring along any other makeup items. Ranging from vibrant to neutral tones, this is the face palette you use to create any image you desire. Apply the eyeshadows to add some color to your look, contouring your highlights to accentuate them and emphasizing the best features of that warm sunny glow. Also, the blush adds just the right amount of rosy blush to your sun-kissed skin.

5. HYDRATION Is The Key To Lips

Mattifying Cosmetics Groundwork
Mattifying Cosmetics Groundwork

End your look with a swipe of Swiss Beauty Dip Tint Lip Oil. It is not only a tinted lip oil but also a nourishing oil that colors your lips naturally pink depending on your pH level. Its formulation, which is enhanced by Vitamin E, is aimed at moisturizing them and protecting them from harsh, arid speech while adding some pigment that goes well with your beach mood.

Extra Tips For Additional Brilliance On The Beach

If you want to make sure that your beach holiday is as perfect and stress-free as the skies of eternal summer, here are some more hints that will help you enhance your cosmetics routine so that you look awesome throughout your vacation:

  1. Use a Solid Sunscreen: To make sure that one’s skin is protected from harmful UV rays, sunscreen ought to be reapplied every couple of hours especially if someone is involved in activities such as swimming and sweating after every few hours. Thus one is safeguarded against both long hours of exposure to sunlight and other sunny spells on different occasions even by the mere use of SPF cosmetics. Put on a layer of high-SPF sunscreen before putting on any make-up.
  2. Opt for Waterproof Equations: Where conceivable, utilize waterproof cosmetics items, particularly mascara, and eyeliner, to anticipate smearing and running from sweat and water splashes.
  3. Choose Lighter Shades: Lighter shades of eyeshadow, become flushed, and lipstick reflects the summer vibe and feels lighter on your skin. They tend to see more characteristics and enhance your highlights unobtrusively, complementing the shining, dynamic setting of a beach holiday.
  4. Set Your Look: To keep everything in put, wrap up your cosmetic’ application with a setting shower. Select one that offers extra hydration and SPF assurance for an included advantage. This will help to lock your look and make your cosmetics final longer, in the most challenging climate conditions.

These are the best ways to keep your makeup looking great on a beach holiday. Swiss will help you to enhance your look with all its cosmetics. So, enjoy your beach holiday with Swiss beauty.

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Q1. Should you wear cosmetics to the beach?

It is a personal choice! Simply make sure you adapt your plans and apply cosmetics that are waterproof (or water-resistant) and durable.

Q2. Can you swim with cosmetics on?

You can, but the best cosmetics frequently can’t withstand salt water! A few choices would be to keep your head over water or fair grasp the no-makeup/minimal cosmetics look.

Q3. How to get your cosmetics to remain on at the beach?

Try to utilize a cream-based palette instead of powder to offer assistance. It remains on and mixes with your skin. Go light on the foundation—Time going through in the warm can rapidly make you confront cosmetics that seem cakey and exaggerated. Instep, attempt a tinted sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF.

Q4. What cosmetics should I bring on a beach vacation? 

The tinted moisturizer with sunscreen moisturizes, protects, and creates a glow on your skin when you apply it underneath the layer while leaving it to dry then tidiness powder should be applied on top to give the appearance of a ‘finished’ look. Waterproof eye makeup—If you are putting on mascara or eyeliner then ensure they won’t get lost at sea.

By Sanjana