Time changes so does fashion”. Fashion is versatile in all forms be it apparel, gadgets, or all lifestyle products. The definition of fashion changes with time. Fashion is ubiquitous and an inevitable part of our lifestyle. However, the thing that remains constant is our approach to adapting it. You can’t only play with fashion but can’t make a mess. Embracing fashion has a direct correlation with the clothes we wear.

 In the modern fashion realm, it is about the trends, and such trends have demarcated the line between formal and casual outfits, especially in men’s fashion. One such attire that accurately describes modern fashion trends is

  1. Colors: Beige, Brown and Blue 
  2. Size and fit: Slim fit, Small, Medium & Large Size 
  3. Material: Cotton & Linen 


  • Long Sleeves 
  • Spread Collar
  • Slim Fit
  • Floral Pattern 
  • Casual & Formal Wear 
  • Regular length 
  • Curved Hemline 
  • Machine Wash 

Why do you have to buy this shirt?

For Comfort & Elevated Style

These casual wear long-sleeve flower-patterned men’s shirts are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Crafted with high-quality materials such as cotton and linen, this slim-fit shirt can seamlessly blend comfort with style. Due to its breathability and softness against the skin because of the material used in crafting this shirt. Flower patterns give this slim-fit shirt a casual vibe, making it a fashion statement that resonates with the current trend & style.

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This long-sleeve shirt is versatile attire. The long sleeves of this shirt make it a great option for cooler months, while in summer you can easily roll up the sleeves and wear it on warmer days. The slim-fit silhouette of this shirt gives you a great look compared to traditional, poorly fitted, boxy shirts. The flower pattern on this shirt adds more elegance to the look and gives both formal and casual vibes according to the occasion.

For Trendsetting Fashion

With this flower-patterned casual long-sleeve shirt feel the essence of trending style. This floral patterned shirt effortlessly merges the evergreen floral pattern with the modern slim fit designs, ensuring that the wearer stands out with sophistication and flair. With this beautiful attire elevate your wardrobe with a dress that resonates with the trending fashion. 

For Superior Quality Craftsmanship

This shirt is crafted with superior quality craftsmanship from a premium quality cotton and linen blend which ensures —the shirt remains super comfortable and lasts long despite the frequent washing. The attention to detail in this attire guarantees that this shirt withstands the test of time while retaining its originality. So if you need beautiful and durable attire to elevate your wardrobe, here is your attire.

How to buy?

You can buy this long-sleeve casual-wear men’s shirt at Visit the Spark Shop and search for flower-style casual men’s long-sleeves and slim-fit men’s clothes. If you can’t find the shirt via scratch box, you can use various filters, like sort by price, sort by popularity, and sort by ratings. After finding this shirt, follow the guidelines to buy it.

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  • Visit the Sparkshop and search for flower-style casual men’s long-sleeves and slim-fit men’s clothes. 
  • After finding the shirt, put your cursor on the image, and then click on the add to cart option. 
  • Then click on the cart image flashing in the sidebar and click on it. 
  • After that, you will go to your cart and click here on the continue shopping option. 
  • Then you will come to the checkout page, enter all the required information, and click on the checkout option. 

That’s it! You have made your order, but remember, SparkShop only accepts COD (cash on delivery) so you can’t pay with any cashless payment mode.

By Sanjana