Tira Beauty
Tira Beauty

Do you love to try out new lipstick shades like ombre peach pink? Do you invest in quality skincare? 

Are you mesmerized by lavender-scented perfumes or vanilla cinnamon fragrances? If the answer to all these questions is a big yes, then keep reading to discover all about a beauty jewel-Tira Beauty. 

Introduction to Tira Beauty

Tira Beauty is an online as well as offline beauty and cosmetic shop owned by Reliance Retail. Isha Ambani, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter is currently heading Tira Beauty. Based in Mumbai, Tira supplies glam essentials across 100 cities in  India through its app and a user-friendly website. Tira has created an uplifting personalized shopping experience for customers. It offers multi-brand cosmetic products under the head of Tira. It has both online and offline presence. Tira Beauty has also launched a new label ‘Nails Our Way’ which specializes in providing nail colors and products. 

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What’s in a name?

If you’re wondering what the name ‘Tira’ means, an imaginative play on the name of Goddess Rati, consort of the love-God Kama. Rati is the feminine embodiment of love, charm, and sensuality

The Story Behind Tira Beauty’s Success

Reliance’s Tira app was launched in February 2023 along with a website and a retail store in the Jio World Drive mall spread across the 4300 square feet area. Reliance tapped into the demand for beauty and personal care products in India and ranked fourth globally in cosmetic consumption. This market is expected to grow by 18.2% in online sales generated over the years. 

Tira Beauty Stores: Retail Presence

In the fall of 2023, Reliance Retail, the owner of Tira Beauty, partnered with South Korean beauty brand Amorepacific Corp to expand its functions. Tira Beauty opened up two more stores in Pune and Bengaluru. Over the years, Tira has expanded its retail presence by opening stores in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

Star Endorsements by Tira Beauty 

Stars like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani, and King Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan have appeared in advertisements and posters under Tira’s first campaign ‘For Every You’. The brand has innovative campaigns that keep the audience’s needs and preferences in mind. 

Tira Beauty’s new label- ‘Nails Our Way’ 

Tira has not only expanded its functions across India but also started a new beauty label – ‘Nails Our Way’. Under this brand, Reliance’s Tira Beauty caters to the niche demand for impeccable-quality and sophisticated nail enamels as well as nail care kits such as French ‘Em Up’ and ‘Nailed It’. Nails Our Way is to diversify beauty products and establish itself in the nail paint-cosmetic industry where premium brands are a rarity. 

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The various Nail Care Products offered by Tira’s new brand ‘Nails Our Way’

Tira’s brand ‘Nails Our Way’ is designed keeping in mind the preferences of Gen Z customers who love to express themselves in a modern and jazzy way. ‘Nails Our Way’ deals in exclusive and creative nail colors and care products such as: 

  • Premium nail paints are offered in a wide range of vibrant and exciting shades with innovative names ranging from Cocoa (Dark Brown) to Sherbet Serenade (Light Pink). 
  • The brand also caters to the demand for nail care with inventive collections like ‘Swift Dry’, ‘Gel Well’, ‘Treat Coat’, and ‘Breath Away’. 
  • Nails Our Way includes a bold and beautiful variety of nail paint shades, for every mood and occasion. 
  • ‘Nails Our Way’ deals in nail care products such as ‘Cuti Care’, ‘No Bump Base’, and ‘Toughen Up’ all suggestive of the purposes they fulfill. Essentially, these products are aimed at nourishing, strengthening, and protecting nails.  
  • There are nail paint removers such as ‘2 Toned Vanisher’ and the acetone-free ‘Squeaky Clean’. 
  • In addition to this, ‘Nails Our Way’ has complete manicure kits for nail care solutions. For example, the French manicure kit ‘French Em Up’ and the full at-home manicure kit ‘Nailed It’. All these kits are cruelty-free and vegan. ‘French Em Up’ is a French manicure kit that comes with a translucent pink nail shade, a bright white opaque nail polish, and a transparent gloss perfect for achieving the classic French look. ‘Nailed It’ has been specially formulated in France. It includes a nail polish remover, cuticle cream, nail clipper, nail art brush, scissors, nail file, and tweezers. 

How to Incorporate Tira Beauty into Your Skincare Routine

If you wish to upgrade your skincare game, start by incorporating Tira’s gentle cleansers and toners into your routine. After cleansing, use their hydrating serums and moisturizers specially designed to rejuvenate your skin. Remember to apply their elite face packs for an at-home spa treatment. For glam, dive into the world of makeup essentials such as foundations, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.

 Tira’s lasting formula will keep you looking fresh and flawless all day. For protection from harmful UV rays, use their sunscreen. Paint your nails with a shade that goes with your look. When in doubt, give yourself a salon-like French manicure that effortlessly goes with anything. Tira Beauty has made skincare so much simpler and easier to incorporate into your busy lives. 

How Tira Beauty Promotes in the Cosmetic Industry 

Tira Beauty is known for sourcing its products carefully and ethically. Reliance’s brand has set up new standards in the beauty and cosmetic industry by using cruelty-free products and eco-friendly brand practices. Cruelty-free process means that no animal has been harmed while manufacturing these cosmetics. By prioritizing brands that use healthy practices and take environmentally friendly measures, take a step towards building a kinder world where all beings are respected. By taking sustainability seriously, Tira Beauty has contributed to reducing its Carbon Footprints and taking positive steps towards change. 

By choosing Tira Beauty, you make a conscious decision- to not just use a makeup product but also contribute to a greener planet. What is good for the environment is healthy for you? Natural ingredients such as plant extracts, and natural oils heal your skin rather than short-term fixing.

Conclusion- Why Tira Beauty is the Best Brand for Cosmetic Products Online

Tira Beauty is a one-stop shop for all beauty and personal care needs. It is committed to offering high-quality products at affordable prices. By diversifying according to its customer’s needs and preferences, Tira caters to a wide range of products that suit unique needs. The brand is continuously expanding and recently launched ‘Nail Our Way’ which provides nail enamel and care products.

 In all of Tira’s efforts, there is a sustainability and environment-friendly vision. Tira Beauty enhances beauty as well as safeguards health and well-being by offering cruelty-free cosmetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns Tira Beauty?

Reliance Retail owns Tira. It is headed by Isha Ambani, the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, and is the daughter of Mukesh Ambani.

2. Is Tira better than nykaa?

Nykaa has a loyal customer base and enjoys a large market share. However, Tira has high expansion plans which pose a threat to Nykaa. 

3. How long does Tira take to deliver?

On average, it takes 1 to 4 business days for Tira to deliver its products through online platforms. The user is provided with an estimated timeline for product delivery. 

By Sanjana