Pune, a vibrant town city is the face of modern and new India. The 2nd-largest town of Maharashtra, it’s far a baffling blend of academia and business hubs. One can experience the sun shades of capitalism, spiritualism, and history in addition to current India in Pune.

Once the land of the Peshwas, the pride of Shivaji, its old charm never fails to amaze you. In reality, the generation has been restored and concurrently the new homes talk about the increase and development of Pune. The beauty of the town lies in this peaceful co-life of the old with the new.

15 Best Fashion Street Shopping Places In Pune
15 Best Fashion Street Shopping Places In Pune

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Best Fashion Street Shopping Centers in Pune

The road shopping scene in Pune is an active and thrilling experience for each citizen and visitor. The town’s markets provide a huge variety of gadgets to match interests and budget levels, from trendy garb and add-ons to standard handicrafts and antique treasures. Pune’s road markets offer a special and profitable shopping experience, whether or not you are a good deal searching, a fashion enthusiast, or sincerely seeking to immerse yourself in a great shopping experience.

  1. Clover Centre

Clover Centre is a notable area to buy jewelry and other small add-ons. Earrings, necklaces and pendants – you name it and they’ll have it. Also, they have a variety of tailor stores to get you customized fittings. So yeah, everything on this market is absolutely the ‘best fit’ for you.

  1. Laxmi Road

This huge and popular market is a haven for the ones searching out ethnic clothes, jewelry and bangles. Spread over 4 km, it is one of the famous markets of the various locals and the tourists.

Come to Laxmi Road to find several stores in a row selling different kinds of apparel. Besides, you could purchase matching or contrasting add-ons and bangles too. So, there is a lot from which you could choose and pick out. A perfect area for a great price range shopping experience and has to be part of each traveler’s itinerary.

  1. Hong Kong Lane

Hong Kong Lane is your cross-to area if you are seeking out accessories. This is an outstanding area to buy trinkets, costume jewelry for males and females, watches, beaded bracelets, belts, caps, footwear, boho clothes, luggage, books, and a lot extra. This is the one market wherein you may find men shopping and in reality playing it. Hong Kong Lane also has an array of the world over made items that you may get at appealing prices.

  1. Mahatma Phule Mandai

This market has over 530 stalls for diverse gadgets consisting of results, veggies, and condiments. Moreover, it houses lots of puppy stores as well. So yeah, for you, it simply may be every other ‘Pune bazaar. But to your doggo, it’s like they’re going to the movies.

  1. Bajirao Road

BajiRao Road, Shopping in Pune Source This place accommodates all your home and furniture needs. Bajirao Road is apt for all domestic décor enthusiasts or if you’re searching for a home-makeover on finances. This place has a close competition with quality furniture. It is a suitable place for custom and self-designed furniture wherein commercial fixtures are sold at appealing fees. Shops here stretch over Puram Chowk and end at Shaniwar Wada Palace.

  1. Juna Bazaar

Juna Bazaar is a whole unique international and a whole distinctive experience. If you are touring Pune for the first time and Juna Bazaar is for your listing, then be organized to be blown out of your mind. This flea market is held at Santaji Ghorpade Path close to Maldhakka Chowk every Wednesday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

 It is not how cost effective matters are (along with a 32 GB pen force for INR 200 and not negotiable!) at Juna Bazaar that astounds buyers, but the type of factors which might be on offer.

  1. Fashion Street

Every city has a shopping place that defines its current- life, and Fashion Street in Pune does simply that. Retail remedy at Fashion Street is one of the first-class experiences in Pune; one that needs to not be neglected out on when right here. This street has over 450 stalls, selling the modern-day in style and add-ons, keen on a bargain.

It is a shopaholic’s paradise and the maximum favored haunt for university students and young adults who want to keep up with the ultra-modern style trends. Everything associated with style, from clothes and accessories to footwear, you can find it here. It is an outstanding place for window shopping, with the entire street dedicated just to fashionwear.

  1. MG Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road or M.G. Road, as it’s far higher regarded regionally, is one of the predominant shopping locations in Pune. It is a diverse and colorful market that has some of the exceptional department shops with accessibility, smart road fashion in the other. You are able to keep your heart’s pride here! Do no longer neglect to pick up a few pretty earrings, quirky footwear, or eclectic scarves even as you are here.

  1. FC Road Food and Shopping Festival

Fergusson College Road, popularly referred to as FC Road, is both an academic hub and a bustling commerce appeal. The street market on FC Road is a melting pot of ethnicities and developments. A great number of vendors provide the whole lot, from boho clothing and handcrafted jewelry to eccentric stationery and affordable accessories. The particular mix of classic and modern wares complements the charm of this active market.

  1. Tibetan Market (Camps Corner)

Known for its Tibetan effect, this market at Camps Corner offers a number of Tibetan artifacts, apparel, and accessories.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, customers can discover unique treasures, from intricately crafted prayer flags to colorful conventional clothes. The Tibetan Market at Camps Corner isn’t always only a shopping destination; it’s a cultural adventure where each object tells a story of innovation and culture.

  1. Phoenix Market City

Phoenix Market City, a sprawling mall in Pune, is not just a shopping destination; it’s an immersive experience that blends retail remedy with enjoyment and dining. Boasting a combination of global and Indian s, the Mall serves diverse tastes and choices.


Appa Balwant Chowk, advantageously referred to as ABC, is for all the book sweethearts. With wide cost extends, the desk bound stores offer all you have to fulfill your stationary fixation. This market is an experience down your reminiscence lane, taking you again to the times of your faculty life. This e-book market incorporates all the excellent books at very affordable fees.

  1. Seasons Mall

Seasons Mall in Magarpatta City is an iconic shopping vacation spot in the town. It is a one-forestall vacation spot for all shopping needs with its wide type of shops. It offers a unique shopping experience with its modern structure, spacious interiors, and elegant layout. The Mall includes the most famous worldwide, making it one of the most sought-after locations for shopping in the city.

  1. Tulsi Bagh Market

A go-to to this market is a mandate for those who like copper and brass idols. Though the list of factors to shop for in Pune from Tulsi Baug can be many, the copper and brass idols are pretty famous and quality dealers.

You can also keep cosmetics, family utilities, ladies’s apparel, oxidized silver jewelry and lots more from this market. It is in the Sant Nagar region of Pune and you could do quite a few price-range shopping from Tulsi Baug.

  1. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

Enough of garments, shoes and accessories shopping! How about a few shopping for goodies? The Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar is a massive appeal for the ones who have a candy tooth. It is located on Deccan Gymkhana and you could come right here to pamper your candy tooth. Indulge in several sweet arrangements for your home too.

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Shopping in Pune is itself a fun undertaking and you may never lose interest even as exploring the massive variety this city offers. From road markets to air-conditioned shopping centers, there are numerous places for you. So plan an experience in Pune and upload those locations on your have-to-visit list to have the entire best experience. 


By Sanjana